Dropbox Paper

Role – 2D After Effects Animatior

Created at Instrument

I was brought on to this project by Instrument – Portland's premiere "digital brand and product innovation company". The video supports the launch of Dropbox Paper, which as you see in the video is a cloud-based collaborative work environment. 

On the surface, it may not look like there was much motion graphics work in this piece, but more than half of the shots have either VFX/compositing or animation. All product UI was rebuilt and animated to have total control over timing and layout. Many of the live action shots required either touch up, logo removal or screen replacement. In addition to that, the graphics on the physical papers in different shots were all composited on in post-production (as seen in the GIF below). 

The video was very well received and picked up quite a bit of tech buzz on the web:


Process & Styleframes

Dropbox_Paper – After Effects Compositing

David Bryan - Freelance Motion Graphics Artist and Designer - ©2024 dcbryan