Google Advanced Protection Program

Role – VFX and Compositing

Created at Instrument

Google's Advanced Protection program, which is "Google's strongest security for those who need it most." The content for this project is featured on the Advanced Protection Program's landing page

For the project I produced almost 5 full minutes of finished animation, nearly every shot had some type of VFX work, with dozens of screens replaced, both mobile and desktop. I was also in charge of all UI animation, animating recreated Google products and sign-ins to show the Advanced Protection user flow.

By the end, all this compositing and VFX work totaled to nearly 60 individual shots! From previz to swapping in final color corrected plates, with spreadsheets and and a very tight organizational structure (read more about digital project folder structure here) we ran a very efficient and organized workflow.

In addition to the short campaign video shown above there were two other major pieces for the project, one called "What is Google’s Advanced Protection Program?", a two minute overview of "how Advanced Protection works and how it can keep your personal information secure." 

The third video titled "How to set up Google’s Advanced Protection Program" is "step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in the Advanced Protection Program."



Process & Styleframes


David Bryan - Freelance Motion Graphics Artist and Designer - ©2024 dcbryan