adjective 1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

I'm pretty sure my hairline has started receding.

Before that, at some point in my early teens the purpose of my life switched. It switched from whatever most children focus on  —  candy and cartoons mainly, to a effort of learning what I am capable of. Growing creatively, evolving mentally, struggling socially, deepening emotionally.

And ever since, the fear of not reaching my full potential has been there. Either a force for good, pushing me to excel, or a nagging negative reminder that I still haven’t reached it. That I’m not satisfied with where I am, and am still capable of more.

I guess, the thing about potential is, it hinges on dissatisfaction with the present. So the idea of “reaching ones full potential” means what? That you’ve arrived, and you’re not capable of anything more?

Take a breath. Realize what you’ve already achieved. Who wants a full head of hair anyway?